find joy in movement

It’s about time we make fitness fun, practical, and sustainable.

Find fitness freedom with my free mini workbook:

The Mindset for Movement

This workbook is for you if…      

  • You want a better relationship with exercise
  • You want to love exercise, not dread it
  • You want to start exercising more, but are overwhelmed with all the possibilities and need a starting point
  • You want to stop seeing exercise as a punishment for what you ate
  • You want to learn how to get fit in a sustainable way that will promote long-term health
  • You want to celebrate you through movement

What you’ll get…

  • 13 easy-to-follow steps in 11 pages
  • A fresh approach to fitness
  • The right mindset for long-term health
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    Hi There, I'm Ashley

    After yo-yo exercising and dieting, I discovered that those methods were not leading to life-long health. I want to share with you the true way to make fitness sustainable that is evidence-based, mindful, and actually fun.

    On the Blog

    Stop applying diet culture to exercise.

    Exercise is NOT

    …something to dread, hate, or avoid
    …a punishment for calorie consumption
    …something complicated

    Exercise IS

    …a celebration of your body’s incredible abilities
    …something that brings life and joy
    …for you!

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