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How to Workout for Free: 43 Ways

How to workout for free?

If you can find ways you love to workout for free, why pay money for fitness? Anyone who knows me know I love finding ways to save – from shopping at consignment boutiques to flying budget airlines with just a personal item. It’s like a fun game for me – if you still meet your needs, why pay more?

When it comes to fitness I believe there is no need to pay for a fancy gym membership when all you really need to get fit is your mind and your body. In this list of ways to work out for free you’ll find a great variety of activities and possibly something new you want to try.

Free apps

There are plenty of free fitness apps out there, and even more variety now since quarantine.

I tried 3 of them during quarantine.

I would recommend these for anyone looking for a little guidance or motivation. All three have quite a variety of types of exercise for all levels, varying durations, and many different instructors.

1. Peleton – Free for 30 days, $12.99/month after

2. FitOn – Free version – no time limit, Pro – $19.99/year with current promotion. Pro version includes music, meal plans, recipes, offline downloads, and ability to connect to a fitness watch to track HR.

3. Beach Body: Free trial for 14 days, includes coaching and accountability groups. My friend Monique is an awesome coach and also happens to be a DPT!

Other apps

I haven’t tried these, but hear good things! Let me know about your experience with any of these in the comments.

4. Gymondo: Fitness and Yoga: free 14 day trial

5. SWEAT: Kayla Itsines Fitness: free 30 day trial

6. Jillian Michaels Fitness: free 7 day trial

7. Keep Trainer: Workout Trainer and Fitness Coach – Free and Pro Versions

8. BodBot: Personal Trainer: Workout and Fitness Coach – Free and Pro Versions. This one offers an injury-prevention component which as a student physical therapist, I think is a pretty great idea. Although, I cannot attest to its quality as I have not yet tried it. 

Youtube videos

My recommendations

9. Has Fit: Great workouts for strength and cardio. The instructors are very personable and give helpful cues. Duration of workouts vary and its completely free! My mom has found great success with these videos and I’m super proud of her. She says they have so many videos that she never gets bored or feels the need to move to a paid source for home workouts.

10. Yoga with Adrienne: Adrienne is easily my favorite yoga Youtuber and she has videos for nearly anything you want in your yoga practice. She has a great positive energy and truly knows yoga inside and out.

Other Channels

I haven’t tried these, but they are very popular and have quite a few videos, but most are on the shorter side. Stick to Haas Fit for the longer durations.

11. Pop Sugar Fitness

12. Tone It Up

13. Blogilates

14. Jazzercise

15. 305 Fitness

16. Tiffany Rothe Workouts

17. Mad Fit

18. Natacha Oceane

19. Body Project

Free trials at gyms/studios

20. Free day or week trial passes at gyms. These chain gyms offer them: Crunch, Planet Fitness, YouFit, Bailey’s, Equinox, LA Fitness, Anytime Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, YMCA

21. Use a friend’s free gym guest pass.

22. Yoga Studios: Many yoga studios offer a free first class.

23. Pure Barre: Offers a free first class.

24. Orange Theory: Offers a free first class.

Free trials at other unique fitness niches:

25. Pole fitness

26. Dance studios: Salsa, ballroom, hip hop, etc.

27. Trampoline fitness

28. Kickboxing

Local community workouts

29. Donation based classes: Most often these seem to be yoga or Zumba workouts. I’ve seen these done at parks, breweries, and even restaurants! Scout out the events section of Facebook, you may discover all kinds of interesting activities in your area.

30. Running meet-ups: In nearly every city, I’ve found there to be running groups that typically meet weekly. In Jacksonville, a group meets at a local brewery to run on Monday evenings, then get a discounted beer afterwards. In Gainesville, there is a Sunday run group that meets to run on the San Felasco Trails.

Your own adventure

31. Go for a run or walk: Find a favorite route or a new one on the app Map My Run!

Make it social

Invite some friends to play a favorite game.

32. Beach volleyball

33. Ultimate frisbee

34. Basketball

35. Spikeball

36. Tennis

37. Soccer

38. Kickball

Find a favorite outdoor activity unique to your area:

39. Stadium run or workout

40. Hiking

41. Surfing

42. Rock climbing

43. Swimming

There you have it…

That’s 43 ways to workout for for FREE and with all the variety, you’re bound to find something in this list that fits your lifestyle. Adding variety to your physical activity will also help you exercise more intuitively. I always preach that fitness is for absolutely everyone. Not only does it not need to be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be boring either. So no more excuses that fun & fitness are not in your budget. Now you understand there are an infinite amount of ways to work out that don’t cost a dime, perhaps motivation is the more the limiting factor? Go grab my FREE mini-workbook to hit the reset button to start seeing health and fitness in a whole new way. Now that I’ve eliminated all excuses – go get out there, get moving, and celebrate you!

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