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Something missing

I started The Movement Celebration Blog because I saw a few gaps in the fitness industry.

There are so many short-term programs marketed to those who want a quick fix. Magazines and the internet are rampant with promises like “lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks with these exercises” or “do my detox to lose 5 pounds in a week.”

Many people have caught on that “yo-yo” dieting does not get you to be where you want to be. Thankfully, dietitians are speaking out about the physical and mental harms of this approach.

But how about these quick-fix, weight loss-centered exercise approaches? What’s being done to combat those? There are plenty of Instagrammers with perfectly toned bodies putting out content focused on building booties and six-packs. And it can be frustrating when you’re just trying to start somewhere…just trying to get healthy. But its time to throw away our efforts to fit into a near impossible mold and time to get real and practical. Let’s dig deeper…

The relationship

How is your relationship with fitness? Like our relationship with food, our relationship with fitness can be healthy or unhealthy on either extreme. It’s possible to exercise too much to the point of overuse injury or psychological addiction. It’s also possible to fear, dread, or avoid exercise to the point of developing a sedentary lifestyle associated with disease. So check in with yourself – we all fall somewhere on this spectrum.

The not-so-secret secrets

It’s no secret that the key to success at anything usually takes time, patience, and consistency. The true secret to behavior change that lasts is to take responsibility, make it a habit, and make it enjoyable. These changes in mindset are the ones that will be far more sustainable for health than a 30-day program or restrictive diet. Join me in breaking the cycle of rigid workout plans that cause you to throw in the towel.

Are you ready to get practical, sustainable, and actually enjoy exercise?

  1. Start with my mini-workbook that will get you started on your path to fitness freedom with the right mindset.
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  3. Next time you exercise, make sure you have positive emotions surrounding it. Put on a smile, grab a friend, make an amazing playlist – whatever you need to do to make it a celebration of you and NOT punishment.

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