Move with Me

Join me for FREE virtual movement classes!

These classes emphasize fun, judgement-free movement for all levels. The class features strengthening and cardio movements to the beat of the music. I provide encouraging and mindful instruction while giving you freedom to make the class your own. With each class you will:

  • Listen to an energizing Spotify playlist
  • Set a meaningful intention for the practice
  • Move mindfully, listening to your body
  • Enjoy judgement free, positive instruction
  • Celebrate your body’s incredible abilities
  • Leave feeling energized and accomplished!

How to Join

I teach on a FREE app called MOSHN. Joining me on Moshn is easy.

  1. Download the app.
  2. Use my invitation code: 10393297
  3. On the home page find the section that says “MOSHN Coaches,” click “See all coaches” and click on my name when you see it. Hit follow!
  4. The day of class, find the class in the “live classes” section and hit join!

Enter your email below to receive updates on when the next class is. For the summer I will be teaching every Saturday morning at 10:30 am EST. I teach pop up classes during the week as well so check your email for those!

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